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My spiritual tool of choice.

A quick un-academic and unverified google search shows countless references to veiling throughout human history in relation to both spiritual & cultural practices. There are many reasons for veiling such as: reverence, piety, virtue, protection, humility, status, patriarchy, and the list goes on. Ultimately it seems to be a very personal decision. Yet for as common as veiling is to this day, its still one of the most asked questions I receive from people about my work. “Why you cover your head when you’re giving me a reading/healing/session?”.  

If you have ever seen me at shows, had an in-person session or we’ve connected over zoom you will have noticed the scarf loosely placed over my head that I rush to take off as soon as I am done. My current rotation includes one with zebras, one with beautifully drawn brown and beige humming birds and a plain white one. Even in my outdoor shows with sweltering heat…you’ll see me wear one.

“Does the veil give you magical powers?” Not that I know of. “What does it do for you?” Many things and I’ll get to that shortly. “Can you work without it?” Yes, and for many years I did just that. In the early part of my practice everything was fine…and veil-less. But as my relationship with my own spirits deepened and grew (my ancestral ones to be exact) a few years ago they specifically called upon me to begin using it.

In all honesty I wasn’t crazy about it; I am someone who tends to run on the warm side, so the idea of something over my head to trap in even more heat was not what I wanted. Plus, my vanity kicked in and I was worried wearing a veil would give me hat hair or whatever one calls it when a piece of cloth flattens out my blow dry.

But as my new veiling practice grew, I really began to see the difference in how my gifts showed up. The headspace (pun intended of course) that it brought to my work and how it helped me ground the reality of walking between worlds changed. And it reminds me regularly about how important intention is in doing this work. Can a piece of cloth really make a difference? In our heavy, magic lacking reality that pays taxes the answer is no. But as a spiritual being you know that intentions and thoughts can change the reality of our daily lives. So the real difference is a personal one.

In writing this out it actually solidified, in specifics how this practice has and continues to help me:

It’s become my Ritual: It puts me in a certain mindset as I prepare to connect with spirit. Both personally and publicly. Years ago when starting to work from home, I heard the advice to wear your shoes inside as it really changes your mindset. So when my husband comes home and see’s shoes on he knows to stay out of my way. Same when he sees the veil.

Shows Respect: Working side by side with my Ancestors is a core practice of mine so making sure I honour them and the role they play in my work is top priority. Veiling is a way to pay respect and homage to many of those members of my spiritual crew that came from traditions where veiling was part of their everyday life.

Reverence: Veiling is my acknowledgement and surrender to a higher power. I believe my gifts come from God and the work that I do to help people is how I honour those gifts best. Every time I use them its in service to the Creator and part of how I honour that connection is through veiling.

Responsibility to the people I serve: Veiling is a way of respecting both the spirit and the story of the person in front of me. Oftentimes some of the most private parts of a persons life can be revealed in our sessions. Veiling is a reminder of the confidential nature that this sacred work calls for.

Protection: As a psychic medium with a shamanic practice, the need to take precautions with how I show up to help others is ever present. Veiling sets that intention as well as reminds me regularly to practice clear and healthy boundaries.

Even though I was not raised covering my head in any way, its now part of how I choose to connect with Spirit. As I am often called to serve people within the depth of their pain, know that when you see my veil I am honoured to hold space for your spirits & your story.

If you’re interested in learning more about me and my work, book a free meet and greet with me and see if working together feels right.

Carolina has been in spiritual practice to the public for over 20 years. Her spirits first began working with her in childhood. Her work as a Curandera is considered a sacred calling. She is formally educated in Social Work and her spiritual work informs her private practice. Her only goal is to use her many gifts to empower her clients so that the clearest voice they hear is the one from within.

Her spiritual practice has worked with clients internationally. She also works with religious/spiritual leaders as a consulting medium. Her private practice includes readings, divinations, energy healing, energy clearings, herbalism, spiritual counselling, hypnosis, past life regression and prayer petitions. Service areas include but are not limited to Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Oakville, Orangeville, Caledon, Bolton, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Markham, Scarborough, Ajax, Pickering, Milton, Dundas, Georgetown, Maple, King City, Etobicoke as well as online.

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