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What is an egg cleanse?

As a curandera (spiritual healer) offering egg cleanses in Toronto, from what I can tell I am one of only a very few that provides this service in the GTA. Egg cleanses, also known as Limpias or Limpizas de huevo are not that well known in Canada, so a great deal of my time is spent as an evangelist, educating and singing the praises of what it is and why its so incredibly effective.

Let me state upfront that there is one thing that I always recommend for an immediate refresh, an instant pick me up and a jump me forward and that’s the egg cleanse. I am performing them on myself and my family at least once per week. Observing the ritual from the outside might seem almost too simple to work yet it is a powerful spiritual tool, that when used correctly can change a person’s life.

Used for a variety of different reasons such as helping with evil eye, the damaging effects of jealousy and envy, feeling down or in a funk, cloudiness, fogginess, anxiety, tiredness and feeling drained. Egg Cleanses are also great if you are in energetically heavy environments such as hospitals, trains or any public place that has a lot of people, especially if crowds make you tired (Yes empaths I am pointing at you). It can also be focused on specifics, such as a relationship that just ended. To this day, as I type these words I am still discovering the versatility of application that egg cleanses have.

Let’s start with how its done:

A raw, unbroken egg that has been washed and prayed over with the intention of helping the individual with a specific issue is passed over the entire body. Some people hover over the body and others put it directly on the skin. The egg becomes like a spiritual mop that draws out and collects the negative energies residing within your energy field or aura. Encapsulating everything within the eggs protective shell to then either be discarded appropriately or use to divine the origin of the negative energies that were pulled out.

Now the Why:

“But why an egg?” is the single most common question I receive when I do fairs and markets.  I always tell people to consider it a form of kitchen magic. Our ancestors would use what was readily at there disposal and that seems to light a switch in people. And as much as that is true, there is a deeper more meaningful reason as well.

Contained within the egg (and this goes for anything that is living) is the fifth element, spirit/life force; also known in different traditions as ashe, prana, or chi.  That spirit is what makes the egg an ideal vessel with which to mop up any negative energies. This is known as the spiritual concept of sacrifice, or a life for a life. The spirit of the egg is being used to effect changes in your energy field and eventually your life by giving up its own.

An egg is such an effective tool for this that when performing the Limpia there are times where that egg physically gets heavier in your hand and has even warped its shaped (as shown in the picture below.) This egg was from a client of mine that was living in a home with very heavy energy and would come for weekly clearings until their living situation could be addressed. And in some cases, the eggs have exploded because of the sheer extent of the negativity that was being pulled out of the individual.  

Warped Egg after being used in egg cleanse

Where do egg cleanses come from:

The Spiritual use of eggs is nothing new; Known as Oomancy (I had to look that one up) derived from the Greek for egg divination, eggs as a spiritual tool is something found throughout the world, as part of folk healing/magical practices, example Easter. An egg is technically alive, so if you place it under a hatching light and allow it to incubate for 21 days you get a baby chick (usually its farm fresh eggs, but not impossible with regular supermarket eggs). Meaning the powerful building blocks of life are right there in your fridge, neatly packaged and readily accessible. And our ancestors understood this and passed these teachings down for millennia.

For the “when should it be used” and by “who” I want to share my market experiences to answer this:

I am a regular vendor at local spiritual witchy market fairs and do many of them a year. And southern Ontario is so multiculturally diverse that people from all different parts of the world approach me excited to see egg cleanses being offered and happily share their own experiences.

“I am alive because of an egg cleanse my mother had done in a neighbouring Village in Ukraine after being unable to have children for years.”

“My grandmother in Peru would always do one on us after we had a bad day at school and I always felt better.”

“My grandfather from the islands would cure evil eye with it and he learned from his father who learned from his.”

“We do this so often in Angola for so many different reasons, I am surprised to see it here.”

I love meeting fellow fans!                                                          

Now that we talked about the uses, let me share some precautions. As its important to speak truthfully and with a balanced perspective. Just as people have shared their beautiful stories they have also shared the not so great ones.

One woman shared that she had always done them on her family and the one time she did one on her son-in law, it went horribly . He had been complaining about bad luck for a few weeks. As soon as she was finished, she felt a tightness in her chest that cause not only panic but very real physical symptoms that lasted almost 2 years including multiple Doctor’s visits and medication with no real help. She also lost her job a few weeks later, totalled 2 cars and the list went on. Evil eye is real, even if you don’t believe in it. In essence what she removed from her son-in-law; she took on herself.

Now we can get into a whole conversation about the details of why this happened in a different post, but for now just know that you are safe doing it on yourself and maybe your kids and pets. Doing it on other people I do not recommend.

Here is a before and after of an egg cleanse thanks to my friends at Metaphysical Mojo and their Aura Scan Service. And this was before the egg was properly disposed of and without my handmade spiritual cleansing bath that I provide to finish the ritual off. Take note at the vibrancy in colours from one image to the next.

Tiktok has become very popular for people speaking about the reading portion of an egg cleanse, which involves cracking the egg in water and reading the shapes that appear in the yoke and whites. A fantastic tool to better understand where the funk that you are removing is coming from. But please do not let the inability to divine the cracked egg stop you from doing it. In fact, the egg cleanse in it of itself is a highly effective tool to help you deal with the everyday even if you don’t do the reading. And the effects can be felt right away.

So, next time adulting hits you a little hard and things just feel off consider coming to one of my markets or book a private egg cleanse and see the benefits of this simple yet powerful spiritual tool that has lasted 1000’s of years.

If you’re interested in learning more about me and my work, book a free meet and greet with me and see if working together feels right.

Carolina has been in spiritual practice to the public for over 20 years. Her spirits first began working with her in childhood. Her work as a Curandera is considered a sacred calling. She is formally educated in Social Work and her spiritual work informs her private practice. Her only goal is to use her many gifts to empower her clients so that the clearest voice they hear is the one from within.  

Her spiritual practice has worked with clients internationally. She also works with religious/spiritual leaders as a consulting medium. Her private practice includes readings, divinations, energy healing, energy clearings, herbalism, spiritual counselling, hypnosis, past life regression and prayer petitions. Service areas include but are not limited to Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Oakville, Orangeville, Caledon, Bolton, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Markham, Scarborough, Ajax, Pickering, Milton, Dundas, Georgetown, Maple, King City, Etobicoke as well as online.

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