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Top 10 things to look for when searching for a spiritual practitioner and how not to be taken for a ride.

If you have ever met me in person, you know I’m direct and don’t tend to sugar coat things when it comes to addressing what’s at hand. And you’ll find my top 10 list doesn’t deviate when it comes to working with any spiritual practitioner: whether its me or someone else.

I loath hearing of people being taken advantage of when finding support on your spiritual journey. Unfortunately, the sad reality is that there are more charlatans working with the public then legitimate practitioners. Which very much muddy’s the water when you go out looking for help in the spiritual space.

These are in no order, pretty much just as it was rattled out from my spirits and onto my computer:

# 1

Do your research, ask for referrals, read reviews and take advantage of free calls. Everyone isn’t going to resonate with just any practitioner so take your time and shop around. Personal referrals are great, just take the extra step to learn a bit more about who you will be working with.

# 2

Let your gut lead you. If they don’t feel right no matter how many good reviews and positive recommendations they have, then RUN don’t walk away. If there was ever a time to allow your internal guidance to take over its regarding this (In my opinion this is applicable for every part of your life but that’s an article for another time). No positive reviews can change the sinking feeling in your stomach that says something is not right. LISTEN, always.

# 3

Be prepared to be presented with stuff you might not want to hear. This one can be tricky, because it requires a deep level of honesty with yourself. You need to be willing to be challenged and not disregard what’s coming through as if it isn’t applicable to you. Check the ego at the door but keep in mind that Spirit isn’t here to blow spoke up your butt. Evolving and growing spiritually is meant to challenge you and take you out of your comfort zone.

# 4

You will have to pay. As much as there are free resources out there and the internet’s vast repository offers us a unique opportunity in history, at the core of living a spiritual life is the concept of service. Which means going out there and being amongst people in a variety of different capacities. And since most people are not independently wealthy, it’s important that there is a fair exchange for the work being done both from a tangible real-world perspective as well as an energetic one.

# 5

If there is only one thing that you take away from this list or the 5 minutes you invested in reading this, LET THIS BE IT. A good spiritual practitioner is able to pick up on the reasons that you are searching for assistance in the first place. Let them tell you before you tell them. At least initially when you are establishing the relationship. Without this caution you are opening yourself up to being taken advantage of and in worse case scenarios being energetically damage. Tread lightly.

# 6

Ask them about there own spiritual practice. How long have they been doing this? Do they walk their talk? Do they have a spiritual practitioner in their own life that helps them on their own journey? This is not just a hobby or a job. This is a way of life that requires effort, sacrifice, and devotion.

# 7

Spiritual hygiene is real. Would you stay at a hotel that didn’t change their sheets? Or eat at a restaurant that served you on last weeks dirty plates? No, so why suspend those standards when it comes to a spiritual practitioner. What do they do before, between and after clients both in their space as well as themselves physically? How are they taking care of the energy that’s around while working on you? HINT just burning sage won’t cut it.

# 8

Proof is in the pudding; you might feel nice while your there but how do you feel the next day? Some people are great at crafting a very relaxing and immersive experience while you are there with scents, sounds and lights and accessories. How do you feel after a week or month? Is it one and done or are you feeling lasting ongoing effects from your work together? Perhaps you are only looking for a momentary reprieve instead of a fundamental change in your life? Whichever it is, just be clear about it when evaluating the experience.

# 9

Any spiritual practitioner that is legitimate should honour your intuition during the process. Encouraging your clients to listen to their internal guidance isn’t always convenient but it is empowering your client to foster that connection within. Intuition leads across the board for both the practitioner and the client.

# 10

One size does not fit all. Just because something works for one person doesn’t mean that’s a rule across the board. This is not a franchise that serves the masses. This is deeply personal work that requires fullness of presence and accommodations as needed. A good spiritual practitioner should be honouring your process and uniqueness in their workings.

If you’re interested in learning more about me and my work, book a free meet and greet with me and see if working together feels right.

Carolina has been in spiritual practice to the public for over 20 years. Her spirits first began working with her in childhood. Her work as a Curandera is considered a sacred calling. She is formally educated in Social Work and her spiritual work informs her private practice. Her only goal is to use her many gifts to empower her clients so that the clearest voice they hear is the one from within.  

Her spiritual practice has worked with clients internationally. She also works with religious/spiritual leaders as a consulting medium. Her private practice includes readings, divinations, energy healing, energy clearings, herbalism, spiritual counselling, hypnosis, past life regression and prayer petitions. Service areas include but are not limited to Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Oakville, Orangeville, Caledon, Bolton, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Markham, Scarborough, Ajax, Pickering, Milton, Dundas, Georgetown, Maple, King City, Etobicoke as well as online.

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