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The hard truth to hear when you start listening to your intuition.

You can say I am a little obsessed when it comes to the topic of intuition. It is one of the foundational values of my practice, I teach on the topic, have a podcast about it and I encourage every single person that I come across to cultivate it for the innate asset that it is but also because its the key to building upon your spiritual independance.

My deep passion on the topic of intuition stems from my belief that not only can it change your life (that goes for anyone & everyone) but listening to it can change our planet. I know that can come across rather trite especially coming from someone that is as practical and down to earth with my spirituality as I am. But I can’t deny what I have seen over the last 20 years of working with people when they finally start to pay attention to their voice within. 

Covid is one of the clearest and most relevant examples highlighting the global impact of every single person in the world, all at the same time, having the opportunity to listen to their internal guidance. By sheer circumstance, whether willingly or unwillingly, everyone and everything stood still just enough to hear their internal guidance and for many it was the first time. And the changes to our way of life since then are undeniable. The new post-covid normal of labour shortages, fundamental work culture changes, forcing people back into the office, are just some examples of the awakening that took place during isolation. People realised they weren’t willing to live the way they were living before lockdown.

If we were to ask what is behind this shift, you would receive a plethora of different answers depending on whom is presented with the question. At the core of the issue are billions of people realising that they were not happy doing life the same as before and making moves to correct that. And moves such as those, that involve upheaval in your way of life, almost always start from within. And there simply is no way of putting the genie back in the bottle once its been let out.

So, what actually happens when you give that little voice inside more attention? When you shift from simply reacting to life to observing and actively listening to your personalized internal guidance. From walking in fear to surrendering in trust to this gift… Does suddenly paying attention to that little voice inside change your life immediately? Are the streets suddenly lined with rainbows and you walk in step with your glowing pet unicorn? Let me burst that bubble, its a gradual process, unless you wish to live your life upside down for a while and learn through hit and miss lessons how to navigate these unchartered waters (been there and done that and I do not reccomend it).

And I don’t mean gradual when it comes to seeing results because you honestly can see those right away. But gradual as in how you build the trust to call upon it when the stakes are high. Let’s use a recipe contest as an example. You’re not going to experiment with a new recipe when entering a contest and just roll the dice on what comes out. Of course not! Most people would make sure its tried and tested before you enter it into the contest. The same applies for your intuition. So, you know how it shows up for your and when to make the move vs when to cultivate patience. As you start to develop that muscle and grow this relationship with yourself, so grows your trust in it.

Yet seldom is it discussed the importance of starting small. Of taking those initial baby steps before you graduate to the really important questions in your life. But WHY? WHY? I get this question all the time, why do I need to start off small if I know this is the gaping wound in my life and if I could get to the core and understand it then I can heal and move on.

For that exact same reason, because it Is the gaping core wound of your life. It is layered, complex, over analyzed, hypersensitive and ever present. And you are unable to take the position of the observer when looking at your circumstances. So, when your intuition comes back with something on this topic that you do not wish to hear, you are so wrapped up in your pain that it doesn’t register, especially when you are just starting out on the journey of listening.

Plain and simple, your intuition doesn’t always give you the answer that you hope for. And if you haven’t prepared and grown your trust and curbed your ego (which has its own agenda), its very easy to miss. For many, if not most of us, your intuition is probably going to tell you what you DO NOT want to hear, many more times than it will confirm that which you wish to hear. Meaning, your intuition is not going to lie to you, but you can and do lie to yourself.

For as ever present and relatively easy (from an actual doing perspective) it is to listen to your gut, living a life of faith and trust is the hardest thing you will ever do. As a completely personal experience that rarely gets outside validation, this gift is only meant to make sense to you. You and only you know if the message came through and if you chose to listen or ignored the signs.  

But when you get it right, it feels good, it feels safe and it’s a completely personal and internalized experience that isn’t shared, yet absolutely and concretely valid… to you.  

An intuition lead life is full of twists and turns, that take you down winding paths and secret corridors. The steps you take in trust might feel right but don’t always make sense in the moment. When you stop and look back, beyond your wounding, you can glimpse at the magic of the universe that has woven a tapestry of experiences leading you to your purpose, BUT only if …you are willing to listen to the things you don’t want to hear.

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Carolina has been in spiritual practice to the public for over 20 years. Her spirits first began working with her in childhood. Her work as a Curandera is considered a sacred calling. She is formally educated in Social Work and her spiritual work informs her private practice. Her only goal is to use her many gifts to empower her clients so that the clearest voice they hear is the one from within.  

Her spiritual practice has worked with clients internationally. She also works with religious/spiritual leaders as a consulting medium. Her private practice includes readings, divinations, energy healing, energy clearings, herbalism, spiritual counselling, hypnosis, past life regression and prayer petitions. Service areas include but are not limited to Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Oakville, Orangeville, Caledon, Bolton, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Markham, Scarborough, Ajax, Pickering, Milton, Dundas, Georgetown, Maple, King City, Etobicoke as well as online.

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