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Limpieza de huevo

An Ancestral practice to solving everyday problems

Omg I cannot thank you enough for the egg cleansing!! I feel like my energy has just been washed clean of all the gunk that was there…My partner feels how light I feel. I also feel like all my senses have been cleaned/refreshed.

Richmond Hill

An egg cleanse might be the thing you’ve been searching for...

  • Feeling in a funk?
  • Looking for an energetic refresh?
  • Been exposed to a toxic enviroment, relationship or workplace?
  • Has your luck disappeared?
  • Are you prone to jelousy and envy from others towards you?
  • A bunch of little things going wrong & starting to add up?
  • Starting to question broken mirros and black cats?

Egg cleanses are traditional folk clearing/healing rituals that can be traced back to countless cultures through history. Created to absorb the negative energy residing within your body, its power is hidden it its simplicity. 

Addressing imbalance within your energy body; it helps with removing evil eye and the linger effects of any ill-will sent your way. An ancient yet timeless tool for helping you get unstuck and moving forward in life. 


  • Evil Eye, Envy & Jelousey from other people
  • Empaths/those affected by other peoples stuff
  • Energetic Blockages
  • Exposure to toxic enviroments/situations
  • Contact with individuals that drain you
  • Conflicts
  • Minor curses/hexes


  • Grief
  • Saddness
  • Relationship issues
  • Ancestral issues
  • Solving Trauma
  • Major curses/hexes

Carolina is amazing. I’m a sound therapist and energy worker and was so drained I could barely function. An egg cleanse and cord cutting with Carolina and I felt AMAZING the next day. She knows what she is doing, is super intuitive, highly plugged into the spriritual world and is worth every penny! I will definitely be going back!




Thank you to our friends at Metaphysical Mojo and their Aura Scan Photography.

What my clients report feeling after an egg cleanse:


Peace of mind

Quieting of thoughts

Decreased anxiety

Feeling lighter

Feeling shockingly good

How does an egg cleanse work?

A raw, unbroken egg (farm fresh ideally but those found in a supermarket absolutely work) is washed, prayed over and then passed over the body of the effected person. The eggs life force is ideal for drawing out negative energies from the body and its protective shell serves as a vessel to temporarily encase them.

Common feedback is that the process as a clam and cooling effective while the egg is moving around. For more about Egg cleanses read my in-depth post here. 

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